AO North America
October 4, 2016

I am very pleased to announce that the AO North America Board of Directors has chosen James P. Stannard, M.D. to succeed Robert McGuire, M.D. as AO North America President. As most of you probably know, Dr. McGuire is the President-elect for the global AO Foundation; and to avoid both conflicts of interest and commitment, it is necessary for him to resign his position within AONA. The official transition will occur at our upcoming AONA Board of Directors meeting in Wayne, Pennsylvania on November 7, 2016.

Dr. Stannard
James P. Stannard, M.D.
Dr. Stannard is the J. Vernon Luck Sr. Distinguished Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at University of Missouri. He also serves as Medical Director of the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute. An orthopaedic traumatologist by training, Jim has focused his clinical and research efforts on complex bone and ligament injuries surrounding the knee, and wound healing. His career to date features numerous efforts in team building across subspecialties and specialties and across programs, bridging hospital and university agendas, and successfully and symbiotically working with industry. Dr. Stannard has an excellent reputation among his peers, with extensive publications and recognitions.

Dr. Stannard’s bond to the AO started with a fellowship with Thomas Ruedi in Chur, Switzerland and has taken him to teach in all five AO global regions. He recently completed a 5-year term as an elected Trustee of the AO Foundation. He has taught and chaired numerous AONA courses, and designed one of AONA’s more successful courses aimed at practicing orthopaedic surgeons. The Board was unanimous in feeling Jim’s demonstrated attributes and skills were exactly those needed for someone to lead AONA over the next three years.

As pleased as I am to have Dr. Stannard continue the progress that Dr. McGuire has initiated in his abbreviated presidential term, I am even more proud of how this election process was carried out. I commend and greatly appreciate the vision and leadership of our current President, Dr. McGuire, our Executive Director, Steve Schwartz, and our Controller, Michael Lewis. These three designed a very thoughtful process that remained fully compliant with our By-laws, yet remarkably more inclusive, fair, and open than most AO elections. Starting with an open call to the entire faculty for nominations, nearly two dozen leaders were identified. Several from this group declined due to personal or professional conflicts, but eleven were willing to serve in this critical role. The Nominating Committee (AONA Executive Council) then polled the Electorate (made up of AONA specialty committee members and AO Foundation Trustees totaling 98 individuals) for their preferences and comments. The Nominating Committee delivered a subset of these individuals along with recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Board deliberated over two separate meetings, and then selected AONA’s sixth president.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, please join me in thanking Dr. McGuire and our great AONA staff for a fair election process, in congratulating and welcoming Dr. Stannard as our President-elect, and in wishing Dr. McGuire the necessary vision, patience, fortitude and luck to effectively serve and lead the AO Foundation.


Michael Baumgaertner, MD
Michael Baumgaertner, MD
Chairperson, AO North America Board of Directors

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S. Schwartz
Executive Director, AONA

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CEO, AO Foundation

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